Carol Rhodes

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Carol Rhodes

Carol Rhodes’s paintings depict a semi-industrial topography of buildings, roads and canals – ‘edgelands’ where human enterprise mixes with nature. They possess a distinctive inventiveness, ambiguity and metaphoric charge. Reflecting yet transforming our contemporary, technologised view of the world, Rhodes’ work painting’s unique amalgam of depiction and physical ‘objectness’ to suggest new realities. She achieves great variety within the format of the aerial view, and discovers surprising new fields of exploration and expression. In an interview in Art World magazine in 2009, Rhodes comments that painting, ‘whatever else it is (and it has to be other things too), is always a sort of manifesto about what art is now, and what it might become… imposing intention and function onto the substance of paint is essential. It allows me into the real meaning of the painting, whatever that may be’.