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Ori Gersht: Artist Book

Special limited edition of 150
Price: £250

Each edition comprises three signed hardback books, one softback book and two signed and numbered prints.

Mummery + Schnelle is very pleased to announce the publication of a special limited edition of an Artist’s Book by Ori Gersht. Conceived by the artist as a piece of work in its own right and presented in a foil embossed Effalin box, the special edition is composed of three signed hardback volumes - each taking as its subject one of three recent films by Gersht: Evaders, Will You Dance For Me and Offering; a softback text, Gersht’s Ghosts, by writer and philosopher Robert Rowland Smith and two signed and numbered prints exclusive to the edition.

The small and intimate books document the creative thought processes and visual influences behind the making of each film including film stills, screen grabs, historical photographs and paintings from art history. From page to page they combine with Gersht’s own drawings, sketches, photographs and works from his wider portfolio that he considers relevant his three films. All of the images, original, found and sourced, are treated equally and have been edited into sequences by the artist. The relationships between the images are not intended to be didactic but attempt to create a new experience of Gersht’s ideas and to contextualize his working process.

The signed and numbered prints are highly evocative of the themes of the films. One overlays Caspar David Friedrich's painting Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog with a photograph of an orchestra playing at Auschwitz. The other overlays a painting by Guido Reni of the Martyrdom of St Sebastian with Titian's The Flaying of Marsyas. In the first German Romanticism is placed in relation to the Holocaust - a theme examined in the films Evaders and Will You Dance For Me. In the second are two paintings that address the subject of the blood sacrifice that is at the heart of the human condition and which is mirrored in the film Offering.

This special limited edition is published on the occasion of Ori Gersht’s solo exhibition This Storm is What We Call Progress, co-curated with Photoworks, at the Imperial War Museum, London 25 January – 29 April, 2012.

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  Ori Gersht: Artist Book
Text by Robert Rowland Smith
Photoworks, Brighton
ISBN: 9781903796474

Limited edition of 850
Price: £40

Each edition comprises three hardback books
and one softback book.

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The Clearing

Texts by Stephen Bode and Jeremy Millar
Film and Video Umbrella, London
ISBN: 1904270212

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